Our mission

A mobile veterinary practice, Wild Ride Wildlife Services seeks to provide medical and surgical care at no charge for free-ranging wild animals and migratory birds.

Sound practices for veterinary care of wild animals include the separation of wildlife from domestic animals that can be a source of numerous zoonotic diseases, some of which may have not yet been discovered. Any wild animals treated should be separated from all domestic species to reduce captivity stress, quarantine against possible transmissions of pathogens and parasites, and help prevent habituation of young animals.

Accordingly, wildlife will be treated by a California licensed veterinarian in a mobile setting that is the same as a typical” commercial practitioner.  This includes a veterinarian-client-patient relationship, maintaining medical records, and practicing in accordance with the prescribed standards.

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Holly Pollard-Wright DVM, CCRP

In order to provide these services that include aseptic surgeries, the minimum standards must be met according to the California Code of Regulations, Title 16, Section 2030(g). Once the mobile practice has been purchased Dr. Pollard as an experienced veterinarian/surgeon will make her availability flexible to assist with injured wildlife. A call would be the best method to schedule and discuss need. We are relying on donations in order to provide services to wildlife in a mobile clinic that the law defines as being used for small animal domestic pets” but applies to any animal.

Helping animals of all kinds

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